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Russell K. Tippett – Internationally Respected Program Creator
Cindy S. Baden Tippett – Highly Renowned Motivational Speaker

About Our Founders

Russell K. Tippett and Cindy S. Baden Tippett are independent certified coaches, teachers and speakers with the John Maxwell team. Cindy Baden is an independent Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team trained public speaker and is being personally mentored by Les Brown.

Russ Tippett is an independent executive coach trained by world class coach Christian Simpson.

Practical Strategies ltd® co-founders Russ Tippett & Cindy Baden are international and domestically-recognized educational program development experts. Their formal education coupled with the combined 65-year career experiences in the field of education are shared in this work.

Russ Tippett

TIPPETT retired from Hocking College, Nelsonville, OH, USA, after 35 years’ service. Positions served: Senior Vice President; Vice President; Dean School of Natural Resources; CEO & President of the National Ranger Training Institute at Hocking College; Director, Department Public Safety; Teaching Faculty.

Leadership Recognition

  • Co-Founder and Consultant, Academy for Leadership Abilities® Organization, New Lexington, Ohio.
  • Sandal's Resorts International, Royal Bahamian Resort, Nassau, Bahamas. Lead Instructor Leadership Trainer for entire management staff.
  • Ohio Governor’s Program Excellence 1989-1991 Biennium Competitor for National Ranger Training Institute at Hocking Technical College, Nelsonville, OH.
  • Team Leader for earned World Certification for National Ranger Training Institute at Hocking Technical College, (pilot project for North America) with City and Guilds of London Institute, London, England. The National Ranger Training Institute served clients from 43 of the 50 United States plus 8 countries.
  • International Who’s Who of Professionals Member, 1998 Edition, Vol. 2, No. 6, p. 8299. Gibralter Publishing, Inc.: Jacksonville, NC.
Cindy Baden

BADEN TIPPETT retired from Hocking College, Nelsonville, OH, after 33 years’ service. Positions served: Presidential Chief of Staff; Vice President(s) Administrative Assistant, Foundation Director, College-wide Scheduler, Teaching Faculty, Department Secretary.

Leadership Recognition

  • Co-Founder and Consultant, Academy for Leadership Abilities® Organization, New Lexington, Ohio.
  • President, Nelsonville Rotary International Club, Nelsonville, OH.
  • Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary International.
  • Interim Director, International Field Studies, Inc. Forfar Field Station, Andros Island, Bahamas.
  • Executive Assistant to the Executive Director & Accountant, International Field Studies, Inc., Columbus, OH.
  • Executive Assistant to the President, Green Light Alliance, LLC, Columbus, OH.
  • National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education, Director.
  • Ohio Association of Presidential Assistants in Community Colleges. Chair.
  • Hocking College Foundation, Board of Directors.
  • Hocking College Foundation. Executive Director.
  • Strategic Horizon College Program, sponsored by the Consortium for Higher Education, University of Michigan. Hocking College was one of 13 nationwide colleges designated as a Strategic Horizon College. Design Team/HC Liaison.
  • Sandal's Resorts International, Royal Bahamian Resort, Nassau, Bahamas. Leadership Trainer & Program Coordinator for entire management staff.
  • McClenaghan Center for Hospitality Training (International). Board of Directors.
  • Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Women of Influence Lifetime Member (2017) for individuals who have exemplified leadership and achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.


Cindy S. Baden and Russell K. “Pap” Tippett are creators of “playbooks for the game of life” for the Academy for Leadership Abilities® -- a unit within the Perry County Ohio Board of Developmental Disabilities. Due to the intense research necessary to create the playbooks, we have discovered that we are well on our way to actually living our self-defined fulfilling life. We continually and intentionally have learned to be brutally honest with ourselves and with each other and to work hard. As a result, we have grown professionally and personally beyond our wildest imaginations.

Ultimately, we model respected ethical leaders who continue to push rocks uphill. Plus, we laugh at ourselves but, never at each other, and, yes, we have our own idiosyncrasies. The magic that really makes it all worthwhile for us is we each do our own thing, and we both do our thing together without trying to change each other. As the saying goes: It doesn’t matter where you go in life, it is who you have beside of you.

In our own limited ways, we have lived and worked in 25 countries throughout the course of our combined 65-plus-years of service in the field of education. Without realizing it at the time, we independently lived according to Jim Rohn’s recommendation. That is…

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.
If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan.
And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
~ Jim Rohn

We, Russ & Cindy, are Authors of nineteen books * Musicians * Storytellers * World Travelers * Amateur Historians * Motivational Teachers; * Motivational Public Speakers * Amateur Genealogists * Historic Indian Path Researchers * and Long-Distance River Trekkers

Our experiences have been greater than anything either of us could ever have dreamed – and we have both been big dreamers throughout our individual lifetimes. Many people along our exciting journeys continually encouraged, you folks need to write a book. Otherwise, your children will never really understand who you are. That catalyst began our writing career.

Independently, we traveled this old world from southern Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, from western Europe to southeastern China and many places in between; including public speaking presentations at the top of the (9/11) World Trade Tower, New York City, USA and experienced subsistence living in Brazil, South America while along the way.

Without any question whatsoever, both of us fully understand we have been blessed far beyond anything either of us could ever possibly deserve.

As our experiences compounded because of our values of discipline, reasonable conduct, formal education, and not letting anybody get by with insulting us without being challenged it led us to actually being able to live our self-defined fulfilling life. This in turn created our platform to pursue great careers in helping others to live their self-defined fulfilling life. For us, it has been a lifetime of adventure.

Our adventures allow us to experience multiple societies that we would have never encountered without our continuing drive for self-education. An equally fascinating adventure has been discovering that, no matter where we have been, the vast majority of people we have encountered believe in a Higher Power, something bigger than themselves.

Pap and Cindy have been students and are strong believers in the principles advocated by Napoleon Hill in his 1937 book Think and Growth Rich. In our own way, we convened our first Mastermind Alliance in our home several years before we began our writing careers. An out-growth of that experience led to a totally surprising event. Several years later, one of the participants in our original alliance, David Couch, conceptualized, and with him, we became co-founders of the Academy for Leadership Abilities® Organization within the Perry County, Ohio USA, Board of Developmental Disabilities. David is the Superintendent of the Perry County Board. David and his wife Debbie are former Christian Missionaries serving for nine years in the country of Ghana, West Africa.

The four of us are products of public education and have personally experienced the needs of teachers and school administrators desperate to help children learn. Through our personal reflections, we made the conscious decision to share our experiences and by researching, writing and publishing Leadership Skills and Personal Growth/Self-Learning Strategies educational programs, we have become respected motivational speakers. Each of our programs are based on Judeo-Christian principles and are a complete teaching system that includes lesson plans, facilitator/teacher narratives, PowerPoint slides, suggested classroom activities, etc. Without exception lessons are specifically-designed to be taught by lay-facilitators/teachers in home schools, public schools, Native American reservation schools, charter schools, within church groups, ethnic groups, community groups, and youth-focused organizations.

Four components make ALA FUN programs complete, while using common sense methods that make them easy to understand and they are immediately ready-to-use:

  1. Inclusiveness – by applying historic one-room-school concepts, mixed age, ethnic and academic-level participants are intentionally included in the same learning activities at the same time;
  2. Close to home – no one is required to travel outside their home area;
  3. Local Support – parents, communities, lay-facilitators, public school teachers and administrators support these programs;
  4. Adaptability – Multiple lay-facilitators and classroom teachers working a variety of environments validate ALA program materials are easily adaptable to anyone in leadership or aspiring to be in leadership, regardless of age (adolescent through mature adult) or attained academic level (elementary school through post-graduate degrees).

Many civic, social and service organizations willingly help community organizations finance the purchase of ALA educational materials because doing so is routinely within their reason for existing. Simply ask them. Many folks are amazed at their desire to help.

One of most rewarding personal experiences is helping others to learn How to Think for Themselves, to actually live their self-defined fulfilling life, to live their dreams.

Additionally, we help others to learn how to be ethical leaders. Our reasoning, this old world is in desperate need of ethical leaders. The only real possession any of us will ever have is our character. Our mutual backgrounds give the unique position of being able to offer valuable insights that have benefited each of us.

On the other hand, we mutually agree and support the idea that when someone with a different upbringing, from a different part of the country/world, with a different outlook and a different point of view, might actually have something valid, something worth listening to, we actively listen. We continually advocate, Question your own conclusions, always.

We adamantly support the principle that it is purely your choice whether you want to consider what we provide in our work. It is critically important to your personal success in life for you to question your own conclusions on any matter based upon your own research.

As early as 1970 in the book Future Shock author Alvin Toffler wrote about tracking devices appearing in chain Super Markets that tracked whether a customer paused in front of a grocery product sitting on a shelf, whether the person picked the product up and placed it in their basket or set in back down on the shelf. At that time, the computer was automatically measuring what remained on the shelf and ordered additional inventory when the shelf needed restocking.

At the same time, the computer was measuring the marketing effect of where the product was placed on the shelf. Today, that same principle is applied to retail bookstores and the advertiser of a book is charged more money according to how and where it gets placed on the shelf.

Today, CAUTION your kids and grandkids to be careful about what they read and see on the Internet. Almost all the websites you visit have the ability to track you – and can figure out your age, your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, where you live, how much money you make, who your friends are, whether you are single or married, how many kids you have, what your hobbies are, what sports teams you follow, what ails you medically, and how you lean politically. And they tailor their news accordingly, serving up stories that keep you clicking on their web pages, and to some extent, ignoring the news that will drive you away.

This isn’t good for people on the right or the left. It only adds to the sense of division, and the feeling that we are now living in two different countries.

BE VERY SKEPTICAL. Read outside your comfort zone. Recognize that we are now living in an online version of The Wizard of Oz – where THERE REALLY IS a computer Wizard behind that curtain, manipulating all of us.

We, Russ Tippett and Cindy Baden strongly believe Leadership has a component far beyond the ability of “self”, the sole belief in only the education, skills, abilities and experiences of the individual. We are certainly not alone in our belief by any stretch of the imagination. Consider…

Throughout our extensive research over many years, we have discovered quotes and testimonials from a wide variety of highly successful people who have lived, literally, over thousands of years. The meaning of their words are very, very powerful.

The common thread that runs through nearly every one of the testimonials are words like: God; Faith; a Higher Power; there is a plan for your life when you are born. You have an obligation to fulfill that plan; The Almighty; Supreme Being; Our Maker; Nature’s God; Our Creator; Providence; Intelligent Design; the Holy Spirit; Word of Truth, etc.

Whatever your beliefs, preferences and terminologies are about religion, the principles put forth in the Bible are hard to argue with. As a reference text that book has powerful insights that should be given serious consideration, in our opinion. Whether you believe in the Bible is beside the point. Your attitude about life is your choice and your choice alone.

You have to believe in something greater than yourself, more important than yourself.
United States 10th District Appellate Court
Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch

The material in our publications are a limited cross-section of our research from a reasonably well-informed lay-person’s point of view. Our life experiences coupled with our personal research is articulated in our publications as our opinion and only our opinion – not that of any public or private agency, organization, entity, or whatever description one might chose to label it, when using our material.

Our specific intent is to share with the reader/participant WHY we believe what we believe about the existence of a “Higher Power”. Belief in religion is a personal choice. Without exception, Cindy Baden and Russ “Pap” Tippett choose to believe in the Living God of the Holy Bible.

We believe and are not backward about advocating, Doing Right Things for Right Reasons with the Right People Every Single Time to the Best of Your Ability will help you to do what you can do. By doing so, God will show up and do what you can’t do. He will give you breaks that you don’t think you deserve. He will cause people to be good to you for no reason. He will open doors that no man can shut. That’s His favor shining down on your life.

Belief in a “Higher Power” and “Intelligent Design”

Russ Tippett and Cindy Baden, unwaveringly believe we will be grossly remiss if we fail to reference common basic principles – principles we believe to be the truth. The reference texts we use in our work are those that advocate Judeo-Christian values – values that are clearly talked about in the Bible.

We are alerting any readers/program participants that we openly talk about our experiences in our work and how faith and the application of Biblical principles have been an important part of each of our personal journeys. Plus, Biblical principles coincide with the Natural Laws of the Universe. These principles are a part of your life, whether you acknowledge them or not. But, we also know that you may not believe in them at all yourself.

If you are indifferent to believing in a “Higher Power”, or even if you have a negative disposition towards “Nature’s God… …a Creator”, we sincerely believe you will benefit from considering them. Whether you believe in a “Nature’s God… …a Creator” and/or Nature’s Laws or Intelligent Design is purely your choice.

Sincerely yours,
Russell K. Tippett and Cindy S. Baden