Practical Strategies ltd

Academy for Leadership Abilities ®
Russell K. Tippett – Internationally Respected Program Creator
Cindy S. Baden Tippett – Highly Renowned Motivational Speaker

Cindy Baden, John Maxwell, and Russ Tippett Pictured left to right:
Cindy Baden, John Maxwell, and Russ Tippett

Russ Tippett and Cindy Baden are independent certified coaches, teachers, and speakers with the John Maxwell team. Baden is an independent Les Brown motivational messages trained public speaker. Tippett is an independent professional executive coach trained by world class coach Christian Simpson.

Why Us?

Experience saves time, lends credence, minimizes risk and yields results.

About Practical Strategies ltd®

Practical Strategies ltd® (PS ltd) provides candid, reliable, friendly services to all stakeholders at competitive prices while constantly focusing on objective and unbiased Superior Solutions, Superior Quality, and Constant Innovation in the fields of business development and educational programs development.

Accountability: Conversations with each client ensures PS ltd has clear understanding of exactly what the client needs and wants, when they want it. Without question, each client is in control. What is to be done is each client’s decision. We respect our clients.

Our Business Development Focus: Your organization’s issues are identified via in-depth SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats); your Strategic Plan, including identified segments, is developed as a result of your SWOT analysis; your one-year and five-year action plan is developed via open, candid, group inquiry of your personally identified key decision makers.

Our friendly, candid, reliable experts are performance-driven and committed to uncompromising integrity as we pursue perfection with problem solving insight in every service provided. We rigidly comply with strict performance standards and relentless attention to details. The simple truth is every PS ltd Expert is held accountable to each client and to each other. PS ltd does not make excuses.

Experienced Experts: The PS ltd Leadership Team of Cindy Baden and Russ Tippett has more than 60 years combined experience serving as and with senior administrators. PS ltd provides a wealth of proven business and educational programs development attitudes, knowledge, skills, and abilities that are shared with clients. We are committed to providing clients stable, predictable value.

Common sense says don't ignore working together with PS ltd to ensure your interests run with fewer hassles. The consequences of failure to explore business with us will likely cost your operation money.