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Academy for Leadership Abilities ®
Russell K. Tippett – Internationally Respected Program Creator
Cindy S. Baden Tippett – Highly Renowned Motivational Speaker


  • ALA students clearly improve their personal performance -- – Data from school-based program records document an increase in Grade Point Averages (GPA), improved attendance and reduced disciplinary problems.
  • Adult-based program records confirm an increase in gainful employment and/or participation in formal academic endeavors or trade school skill enhancement training programs.
  • Adult-based program PROVIDERS such as Job and Family Services Agencies and Criminal Justice Agencies routinely leverage the power of ALA programming.
  • Character Development is commonplace – Honesty, integrity/ethics and the level of trust increases in the classroom because participants actually begin living the ALA motto, “Doing the right things, for the right reasons, with the right people, every single time to the best of their ability, even when no one is watching”. Participants become natural Accountability Partners for each other without realizing it.
  • Relationship Building is also common place – Friendships develop naturally among participants regardless of their social, ethnic, disability, or financial status.
  • Civic, social, service organizations, many times willing help community organizations finance the educational materials because doing so routinely aligns with their reason for existing as an organization.