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Academy for Leadership Abilities ®
Russell K. Tippett – Internationally Respected Program Creator
Cindy S. Baden Tippett – Highly Renowned Motivational Speaker


  • ALA programs involve participants in how to live successfully as they contribute to their local community by cultivating their leadership skills through working with community leaders on community projects.
  • Teacher preparation time is dramatically reduced because each program provides lesson plans, PowerPoint slides with teaching narratives, classroom materials, discussion topics & activities, etc.
  • Financial Savings – Developmentally disabled folks become less dependent on governmental social agencies and systems as they learn to live successful lives. This savings can be used to help other people in need.
  • Curriculum is intentionally designed to adapt to the needs of participants in a variety of diverse settings, such as: Job and Family Services and Criminal Justice Agency required programming, in home-schools, public schools, Native American Reservation Schools, charter schools, church groups, community groups, youth-focused and like-minded organizations and activities.
  • Community relations improve because all programming is based on common sense Judeo-Christian Principles and Values. On the other-hand ALA programs are not religious publications.
  • Inclusiveness – Participants of various backgrounds are involved together in the same learning process at the same time in the same place. Therefore, ALA program materials are easily adaptable to anyone in leadership or aspiring to be in leadership.
  • The Academy for Leadership Abilities® is improving lives of all ages with tried, tested and proven techniques of how highly successful, ethical people think and act.
  • Student discipline problems are significantly reduced with tried, tested and proven ALA programs.
  • The Academy for Leadership Abilities® has caused better support in schools and in athletics for peers of different academic and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Academy for Leadership Abilities® programs have provided many valuable learning experiences for students outside of the regular classroom setting.
  • There is a strong positive feeling for the Academy for Leadership Abilities® within our school community.

Civic, social and service organizations willingly help community organizations finance the purchase of ALA educational materials because doing so is routinely within their reason for existing as an organization. Simply ask them. You will be amazed at their willingness to help.

There are a bunch of excited folks talking about this ALA business. Are you? It's a great way to meet folks who, like you, are concerned about how angry everyone seems to be in today’s society.