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Positive Youth Leadership is Positive Youth Influence. No more and no less.

P.O.W.E.R. Curriculum® Educational Programs premier
Leadership Skills and Personal Growth/Self-Learning Strategies educational programs for kids 8 – 18 years of age are the products of choice for anyone in leadership or for those aspiring to be in leadership. Key principles such as ethical leadership, teamwork and positive mental attitude are applied. Participants enjoy the many benefits that come from learning how to think.

This coveted achievement-ladder program peaks by earning Distinguished Achievement Certificate (Platinum).

Level No. 3 Superior Achievement Certificate (Gold)
R – Relationships Certificate
E – Equipping Self and Others Certificate
A – Positive Mental Attitude Certificate
L – Leadership Certificate

Level No. 2 Prestigious Achievement Certificate (Silver)
Personal Financial Strategies Certificate
Decision Making Certificate
Leadership Certificate
Positive Mental Attitude Certificate
Team Building Certificate

Level No. 1. Exceptional Achievement Certificate (Bronze)
Integrity/Ethics Certificate
Positive Mental Attitude Certificate (PMA)
Personal Core Values Certificate
Leverage Your Strengths Certificate
Live Your Dreams Certificate
Personal Financial Strategies Certificate

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What We Have to Offer You

• Leadership Skills and Personal Growth Strategies
  educational programs that help people Learn How to Think.
• Each program-topic is divided into 20-30 minute lessons.
• Each facilitator guide has:

• Lesson plans
• A written script for each lesson
• Discussion topics
• PowerPoint slides
• Classroom activities

• Programs are geared to youth & young adults but are appropriate for any age group
• All programs are based on traditional American value-based principles
• Programs fulfill most training requirements for:

• Corporate training
• Religious groups
• Continuing education units

Academy for Leadership Abilities

Each P.O.W.E.R. Curriculum® program is based on traditional American value principles and is a complete teaching system that includes lesson plans, facilitator/teacher narratives, PowerPoint slides, suggested classroom activities, etc. Without exception, lessons are specifically designed to be taught by any ethical person applying common sense when guiding participants in home schools, public schools, Native American reservation schools, charter schools, and within church groups, ethnic groups, community groups, and youth-focused organizations.

GUARANTEED: P.O.W.E.R. Curriculum® Educational products are 100% guaranteed. Return the undamaged product(s) with proof of purchase and postage receipt. Full payment plus shipping, handling, and postage costs will be immediately refunded. Simple, unconditional, no-nonsense. No questions asked.