POWER Curriculum® Educational Programs, developed by Practical Strategies ltd®, are the ONLY known tried, tested and proven products in the marketplace that specifically provide “hands-on tools” to help 3rd – 12th grade students UNDERSTAND how highly effective ethical leaders think and act.

POWER Curriculum® programs clearly promote UNDERSTANDING traditional American values.

POWER Curriculum® programming helps kids to UNDERSTAND that trustworthy information gives them the ability to think for themself versus simply repeating what others say and do.

The concepts that are stressed in POWER Curriculum® Educational Programs are important concepts for living a productive, ethical life. They’re concepts that last a lifetime.

“Experience saves time,
lends credence,

minimizes risk and
yields results.”

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Student and Participant Benefits

Talk with anyone who has been an POWER Curriculum® student, past or present. They will proudly share that they are doing the right things for right reasons with the right people at the right time every single time to the best of their ability, even when no one is watching. Read More…

School and Community Benefits

Civic, social and service organizations willingly help community organizations finance the purchase of POWER Curriculum® educational materials because doing so is routinely within their reason for existing as an organization. Simply ask them. You will be amazed at their willingness to help. Read More…