The Every Book Counts Program is Simple.

For every book that is purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the community in two ways:

The more books that are purchased, the more students and families will receive valuable tools to help them prosper in their future.

A portion of the book sales goes back into funding community programs to help those families in many ways.

YOU ARE THE KEY To Future Leaders

The Academy for Leadership Abilities® (ALA) premier Leadership Skills and Personal Growth Strategies programs developed by Practical Strategies ltd® are the products of choice for anyone serving in leadership or aspiring to serve in leadership positions. These programs are designed exclusively for children in 7th through 12th grades.

Funding is Essential

For every book that is purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the community in two ways:

The Every Book Counts program is a community-wide project that will help to grow ethical leaders of tomorrow. And in order to do that, the program needs additional funds to create awareness throughout your community and ours.

These funds will be used to spread the program across the county, state, and country. And the larger this program grows, the more our future leaders will prosper and grow their communities.

Why This Program is so Important!

“…ALA had taught me how things aren’t going to be picture perfect and things are going to get hard but in order to reach your goals and to be successful you have to fight, claw, scratch through the hard times to reach the top rung of the ladder. It taught me to do everything I can to help my brothers to make them better as well as myself.

Without ALA, I wouldn’t have the values that I have today, and I may not have had my first winning season in football in my entire life. I am forever thankful for what ALA taught me.”

– Stephan McGrath | Former ALA Participant

“…I have had a lot of great people come into my life the last few years and inspire me to be my best, push myself and push others. ALA was one of the best opportunities I had in high school. ALA taught me failure leads to success and integrity is your best friend.”

“…Integrity is your best friend and once you learn to accept that, you won’t fold under pressure or let other people make bad influences on your decisions. “…ALA inspired me and pushed me to do great things. I am strong, I am brave, and I am a leader.”

– Samantha Williams | Former ALA Participant

“I definitely make better choices because of this program and that makes me feel great. I just hope I can inspire people and help them to make changes when I help this summer, it really has changed my life for the better.”

– Megan M. | Former ALA Participant






Help Us Help the Community

You are the gateway to help form ethical leaders of the future. And we need your help to connect with the right people to make this program a success and to help more people.

Help us to connect with the right people to make this program succeed!

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